An innovative event, highlighted from the traditional common dryness to economic and financial topics. Recover Money has as cause: collaborate to create and develop a healthier economy, from the understanding of the mechanisms that influence governments, companies and consumers to get into debt and the strategic importance of asset recovery.
Recover Money brings a different content and brings an innovative vision on the recovery issues, bringing together economists, experts and companies of the financial segment, as well as service providers of recovery. In addition, the event will bring managers responsible for credit recovery, billing and customer service in the retail, telecommunications, education, concessionaires and utilities to discuss the current economic scenario and perspectives, techniques of collection, management strategy of credit recovery and consumer rights in credit collection, as well as ways to build safer basis for the economy and the Brazilian market.

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Recover Money 2017
2nd edition
Date: May, 9, Tuesday, from 8h00 AM until 6 PM.
Place: Fecomercio, Dr. Plïnio Barreto, 285 St., Bela Vista, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.