The magazine that evolves side by side with Brazilian consumers for 22 years.

Monthly editions brings the greatest trends, innovations e and relevant information about customer affairs, best practices in customer relationship, studies, special reports, researches and insights in order to provide a better way to allow Brazilians Top Executives in their process of decision-making related to customer strategies.

The digital magazine that is the #1 reference of Brazilian retail market.

A monthly publication, built week by week, the Digital Novarejo share a dynamic content, fully connected with the Brazilian reality and available by mobile, tablet and desktop. The scenario, case studies, best practices, innovation, pictures, images, profiles and everything that is really important for retail people is inside the pages of Digital Novarejo.

This is the most complete and thorough work of research and relevant data of the Brazilian retail market.

A strong study based on the Brazilian economic scenario, with insights on the current situation of retail in Brazil and its trends, as well as perspectives of global retail, under the coordination of the Centro de Inteligência Padrão (Padrão Intelligence Center) – CIP, with had the excellence of the Serasa Experian and Insper (Busines School) partnerships.
The Brazilian NOVAREJO Ranking brings a continuously enhanced methodology, a sample of companies also often expanded and a much more comprehensive and meticulous vision of the development of the retail sector. The release takes place always in August, in a relaxed celebration that brings together experts and leaders of Brazilian retail.

All the touchpoints of Thousand Brazilian companies available to you.

An annual guidebook that offer every touch and contact points – phone, e-mail, chat, ombudsman, site, social media – from thousands of companies placed in more than 50 different segments.

The most relevant Brazilian reference about the segment of Information and Communcations suppliers specially those used inside the contact centers operations.

This yearbook brings a lot of data, scenario, trends and the exclusive contact center ranking.

A remarkable set of retail informations.

this yearbook organize and share information in diferente segments of retail business. The facts, projections, previews, trends and the retrospective of the best highlights that pointed out at retail scenario in the last 12 months.

Publicações especiais.

Desenvolvidas para atender as necessidades de disseminação de conteúdo de instituições e empresas diversas.